Accelerate Happiness

We are living in anxious times, to say the least, so in an effort to give back a bit we went out to prove our performance cars and trucks could bring happiness, even wellness. Last year’s effort proved out our hypothesis, so it was time to broaden the platform and bring it to the masses, beginning with those most in need. The inherent anxiety of dating, teaching, and internet hating needed treatment and relief, as well as thousands of others (digitally) within our Facebook Group.

We began the conversation in an unexpected way: at the cineplex with Brian Cranston (scroll down just a skosh). 

Therapy without the tears.

Henry took on the internet.

We created dozens of quick hitting pieces of content for our social channels.

We created a community.

Rather than blasting out content intrusively through paid media, we put up a velvet rope and created a private Facebook Group. Thousands have joined to learn more about and to get the benefits of Speed Therapy, within the exclusivity and comfort of a private group. Take a look.

The group, abuzz.

Not everyone can have the in-vehicle experience of Speed Therapy. Therefore we tried to provide some digitally, within the group, via relaxing ASMR experiences with some pretty incredible vehicles. 

Of course we made a logo, etc.

Much, much, much more to come.