Riding Shotgun with Rudy

We worked with social influencer Rudy Mancuso a great deal during our Vine push, and he was brilliant. He is a wonderful collaborator with an large (and engaged) following. As the social mobile explosion continued into Snapchat and Instagram, so did our collab with Rudy, and his first car, a new Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Rudy needed someone to ride shotgun, so he put out a call to his fans to call #Shotgun in the most creative way possible. They responded en masse. 

Edward won. 🙂

We flew Edward out to LA where he got to collaborate with Rudy on a Vine that got over 100K likes and 5M loops. Edward's mind . . . blown.

Rudy thanked us on Insta. 

by @americanjeff

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