Posting brochure photography on the reg is just lazy Instagram.  For a brand to succeed it needs to respect and elevate the platform; don't be an ad. To make the Ford brand meaningful on a daily basis, we became obsessed on creating inspired content. We focused to not just broadcast out , but to engage/interact with our community through challenges, collabs, and a few surprises along the way; which is really the way social should be done. 

Taking a page out of Instagram's #WHP playbook and challenged our audience to weekend hashtag contests, utilizing key Insta-photogs to lead by example, and through hashtags: #FordOutdoors, #FordKids, #FordWork, etc., etc.  


Our final weekend challenge, #FordDogs,  was also a contest. The winning fan would get a private pup photo shoot with Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea). Theron and his dog, Maddie, are big on Insta (1.2 million followers) and kicked off the effort with inspiring shots of their own.

Then, this happened:
#1 on Reddit, and memed by @thefatjewish. #Touched

While continuing to look for new ways to engage our fans, we saw, followed, and fell in love with Finnano

We created a new way to interact with our community with @finnanofenno. Vehicle portraits, personal digital gifts.

A bajillion new followers later, everyone was happy.